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Unleashed Oils Frequently Asked Questions

What are Essential Oils?

Unleashed Oils Products Essential oils are extracts from specific seeds, plants, bark, roots, stems, flowers, leaves and fruits. These oils, which have powerful therapeutic and health properties, have been in use for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used many of these oils for aromatherapy, medicinal purposes and cosmetics.

Today, some of the best-known essential oils are lavender oil and tea tree oil. However, there are many oils out there and each has their uses.Not all of them are appropriate for animals, so it's important to understand what you are doing if you plan to make your own blends. If you own dogs or horses, check out these articles on essential oils for dogs and essential oils for horses for further info.


What are the Benefits for Dogs and Horses?

Domestic dogs and horses do not live in their natural habitat and can suffer from a variety of emotional and health issues. Essential oils can be used for many purposes, including improving mood and emotions, repelling insects, soothing tired limbs and treating minor cuts and scrapes. Properly formulated essential oil products provide owners with animal health options that are free of the ingredients with potentially harmful side effects that many commercial products rely on.


Are Essential Oils Safe to Use?

Essential oils are safe to use but, like any health or therapeutic product, guidelines need to be followed. Essential oils can have strong medicinal effects and, when added to products, should be diluted. This is why our products contain carrier oils and some have hydrosols (commonly known as flower water). It is also advisable to conduct a 24-hour patch test (placing a small quantity of the product on a patch of the animal’s skin) to ensure there is no adverse reaction. Such reactions are unusual but, as every animal is unique, some can more sensitive to essential oils than others.


How are Essential Oils Made?

There are several ways essential oils are made. The most popular method is steam distillation – where, for example, the flowers or roots are suspended over boiling water and the steam draws out the oils. These powerful, concentrated oils are then diluted for use. Unleashed oils uses a variety of carrier oils that both dilute and aid absorption the skin. 


How do you Develop and Make your Essential Oil Blends?

Our blends are researched and developed by our CEO and founder, Stephanie Matthews - a trained animal aromatherapist and registered holistic nutritionist. We produce and package our blends onsite at our facility in Vancouver. In other words, we don't outsource production, which means we have complete quality-control.


Where do your Ingredients come from?

Unleashed Oils Raw Materials PhotoWhen it comes to essential oils, quality is incredibly important. The sad fact is that, due to the influence of the cosmetics industry, which demands high volumes of certain oils at the lowest prices, some manufacturers have been known to use distillation processes that create very low-quality essential oils. That doesn't matter when it comes to products like perfume but for therapeutic use, it becomes a serious issue.

For this reason, we have conducted a great deal of research to identify high-quality, reliable producers and suppliers. Also, wherever possible, we use local companies to maximize freshness and support our local business community.

Do you Make Products for Cats

No. Cats cannot metabolize essential oils in the same way as dogs, horses or humans and the potential for toxicity is considerable. If you are a cat owner and plan to diffuse essential oils at home, seek advice from your veterinarian prior to doing so and ensure your cat is able to leave the room because the build-up of aroma and associated effects can increase chances of toxicity.  


Do you sell your Products Wholesale

Yes. If you are a retailer, please contact us with details of your store/s and the products you are interested in.


Why do the oils Appear to Separate Over time? Does this Affect the Product?

Essential oils differ in density. So, when we blend an essential oil with another essential oil, a carrier oil, a hydrosol or distilled water, the oils will separate over time. This does not affect the potency of the blend, however, it is important that you shake the bottle well prior to every use. Obviously this does not apply to our gel-based products because the aloe vera gel acts as a binder.

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